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Vt-x is disabled in the bios for all cpu modes (verr_vmx_msr_all_vmx_disabled)

Vt-x is disabled in the bios for all cpu modes (verr_vmx_msr_all_vmx_disabled)

In this article, we will solve the error `Vt-x is disabled in the bios for all CPU modes (verr_vmx_msr_all_vmx_disabled)`. This error generally occurs when virtualization technology is `disabled in the bios` or for some other reason that we will discuss in this article. 

Cause of Vt-x is disabled in the bios for all cpu modes (verr_vmx_msr_all_vmx_disabled) #

By examining multiple user reports and the solutions they came up with, we looked into this particular error message. Given that it affects both Windows and Linux, this problem is difficult to resolve. However, we were able to identify a few typical situations that are known to bring on this specific error message:

Virtualization Technology (VT-X) is disabled from BIOS – The BIOS disables Virtualization Technology (VT-X) - The majority of the time, this specific problem arises as a result of the machine's BIOS level disabling VT-X. Virtualization Technology (VTx) must be enabled in the BIOS of a 64-bit host. You may also need to enable Virtualization Technology Directed I/O on some computers (VTd).

Your CPU doesn’t support VT-X / AMD-V – There's also the chance that your CPU is insufficiently powerful to enable virtualization. This can happen with outdated hardware and a dated CPU.

PAE and NX are disabled on the host CPU – According to several customers, the problem was fixed once they verified that the virtualized CPU was set up to work with Physical Adress Extension (PAE) and NX.

Allocated RAM is insufficient or exceeds the system’s capabilities – Many customers having the same problem have found complete resolution by altering the default Base Memory value.

The 3rd-party security solution is interfering with VT-X Vt-D – There are a number of third-party AV programs that have a reputation for interfering with VirtualBox. The problem can be resolved by creating a rule to entirely remove the Av client.

Solution #

Enable Virtualization Technology (VTX) from BIOS #

Some motherboards have this feature enabled by default, however, it may be turned off by the user manually or by interference from a third party.

Note that Windows Hyper V may also be to blame for your computer's VT-x being disabled.

Remember that depending on your motherboard, different menu options will be available to enable VT-X or AMD-V. But the procedures are essentially the same in all cases. Here is a fast approach to checking your BIOS settings to see if VT-X or AMD-V are enabled:

1. Press the Setup key repeatedly while your computer is running to enter the BIOS. Normally, the Setup key will be shown on-screen as soon as you turn on your computer. If you still can't see it, try pressing the F keys (F2, F4, F8, F10, and F12) or the Del key (on Dell computers) a few times until you do.

To avoid wasting time testing with various combinations, you can use your "*motherboard version* BIOS key" to search online. 

2. Go to Security > System Security in your BIOS settings and turn on Virtualization Technology (VTx) and/or Virtualization Technology Directed I/O. (VTd).

Remember that depending on your motherboard, the names or locations may alter.

You may need to enable Virtualization Technology from Advanced BIOS Features on specific BIOS versions. On motherboards with an Intel processor, select Advanced > Intel(R) Virtualization Technology to activate virtualization.

3. Save your current BIOS setup and quit your BIOS settings when virtualization technology has been enabled on the system so that it can restart.

4. Try to open the same virtual machine at startup to see if the problem has been fixed (the one that was previously showing the error message)

On a Computer with UEFI #

1. If you're using Windows 8 or 8.1, go to the Settings charm, or if you're using Windows 10, go to the Start Menu, and select the Power choices menu.

2. On your keyboard, hold down the Shift key.

3. Click Restart while holding down the Shift key. By doing this, you can force the machine to boot up with the Boot Options menu visible.

4. Select Troubleshoot from the Boot Options panel.

5. Select UEFI Firmware Settings under Advanced Options.

You may actually start working on identifying the option for VT-X hardware acceleration technology and turning the capability on once you're inside your computer's UEFI settings or BIOS. Simply search through every page and setting in the BIOS or UEFI for the "Intel VT-X," "Intel Virtualization Technology," "Virtualization Extensions," or "Vanderpool" option, which will enable VT-X hardware acceleration. The Processor sub-menu of the Chipset, Northbridge, Advanced Chipset Control, or Advanced CPU Configuration main menu or tab is often where you'll find this option.

Once you've found the VT-X hardware acceleration option in your computer's BIOS or UEFI settings, all you have to do to enable it is turn it on. Make sure to save your modifications before leaving the BIOS or UEFI menus (precise instructions for which you will be able to find inscribed somewhere on the BIOS or UEFI settings screen). Your machine will start up as it usually does once you exit the BIOS or UEFI settings.


In this article, we solved the error `Vt-x is disabled in the bios for all CPU modes (verr_vmx_msr_all_vmx_disabled)` in windows. These errors occurred because `virtualization is disabled in the bios`, so in this article, we corrected this error by enabling virtualization in the bios. 

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