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Failed to launch the python process, please validate the path 'python'
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Python program execution follow the path set as default in the python interpreter. Depending on the issue at hand, you can change the path to achieve the desired path execution. When the present path does not have the python packages needed for the program execution, you’ll find the error failed to launch the python process, please validate the path ‘python’.

Sol ved ‘Failed to launch the python process, please validate the path 'python'

Many software developers want to completely uninstall the software on their device and install it yet again with the hopes that issue gets solved upon the second reinstall. With the issue of path errors such as the one experienced in this case, the errors may come due to different reasons.

You may have installed Python afresh to your device. While the initial version invoked interpreter via python.exe, the present version may be set for the py.exe invoke.

Indeed, just as the error message suggest, the issue at hand is due to a bad path. A quick fix on the path will help set program execution on the right path and hence successful results. As earlier mentioned, we can change the py and python in line with python version of a device. You don’t have to uninstall that quick.

Just follow through the steps:

Solution One:

One of them is with the launch.json file.

In the process of running and updating IDE software on a device, the lauch.jason structure is corrupted causing an issue with the format and structure of the file.

It is for this reason that it is a common advice for those experiencing issue to go to their lauch.json file present on programs folder, and delete the file. The software ultimately works fine during the next launch since it is made up a fresh in the ideal shape and format.

It is important that you should proceed with the stated procedure if you had initially executed a python project without difficulties, but the issue comes up when you want to keep on running other projects.

Solution Two:

While this solution often come in handy notwithstanding, it has proved a lifesaver to those wanting to set up their newly installed environments.

Step 1 : Go the location you installed the IDE software that you use and copy the path. For example, in this device, the application is VS Code and here is the software location: C:\Users\ADMIN\AppData\Local\Programs\Microsoft VS Code

Step 2 : Go to Advanced System Settings on your windows device. The option is available under computer>Properties. Ideally, search View Advanced System Settings on the search bar of windows device. Choose the Environment Variables option that is displayed on the bottom right corner of your device.

Step 3 : You will encounter two options; that is the User variables and System Information’. Opt for the User variables option and on the Path section displayed on the window options.

Step 4 : Check at the paths displayed on the devices. Is the path shown on Step 1 present? If no, click on New, and copy and paste the text and press Okay.

Step 5 : Save the changes and then exit. Restart your devices yet again and the issue should be okay.

How to fix Python Path for User with Ubuntu

The issue of corrupted python path is all rounded not matter the kind of operating system you use. Especially for users using the Linux OS, use this simple code on the terminal:

$ cd /usr/bin/ $ sudo ln –sf python 3 python

The simple python effectively sets ideal path for python programs and hence accomplishing great program execution.


Getting the software to work right is crucial in the software development process. The failed to launch the python process, please validate the path ‘python’ is a common issue that users face during software development process. Setting the path right is crucial toward enabling the software access packages required for executing the program.

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