How to Run Anaconda Prompt as Administrator
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If you work on a company, then the administrator privileges is set for those above the ladder. However, in some cases, it's because the device you're using has specific errors in their execution paths. The good thing is that depending on the device you're using, you can run anaconda as administrator after few settings.


Setting Administrator privileges to UserProfile Directory instead of "c:\Windows\System32"

Your Anaconda console may normally set to execute with the 'UserProfile' as opposed to "c:\Windows\System32" and hence you have to change every time. Indeed, in Windows, the execution towards "c:\Windows\System32" is default. For most, it's cumbersome to switch between the two directories with each executions.

To solve this issue, it's important to note for Windows 10 shortcut for example. Conda execute 'actovate.bat' on the 'Scripts' base folder;

%windir%\System32\cmd.exe "/K" c:\ProgramData\Anaconda\Scripts\activate.bat C:\ProgramData\Anaconda

Go to the file in anacando that's named 'activate.bat', and at the end, add directory you want to execute with. In this case, we want the 'UserProfile' directory and therefore add 'cd %USERPROFILE%. It activates this environment and changes the directory to it and hence come in handy for your Windows 10 operations.

Step by step

Run the Conda Prompt as Administrator always.

Step 1 : On the bottom-left corner of your device, click on the Win icon. Type 'cmd' on the search bar.

Step 2 : A new window pop. A button with the details 'cmd.exe' appear.

Step 3 : Right click and click on the 'Run as Administrator' option.

Give Specific Devices Conda Access

To decide on who can access the anaconda prompt, follow through the following steps:

Step 1 : Go the 'Security' button and click on it.

Step 2: Click on the edit button.

Step 3: Include users you would want to access the prompt. Provided you have access to the read/write privileges, you have liberty to decide kind of permissions to grant users.

Quick Fixes for Windows 10

Method One:

Run Command Prompt as Administrator

Especially if you use the Windows command prompt to access anaconda, follow through the following steps:

Step 1: This time, other than opening the command prompt directly, right-click.

Step 2 : A new window pops. From the options, select the 'Run as Administrator' option.

Method Two:

Step 1 : Using the app desktop shortcut method, create one for your device.

Step 2 : With this enhanced prompt, use it to work with files and opening programs that often require you to have administrator privileges.

Method Three:

One of the often overlooked way to solve the how to run anaconda prompt as administrator is the antivirus angle. When you install an antivirus app, it end up blocking computer tasks such as the ability of a device to run on administrator. Therefore, to go about fixing such issue, check on the 'Antivirus Settings'. In some cases, such fixes enable anaconda prompt run as administrator.

How to Anaconda on Command Prompt

If you want to run anaconda with the help of command prompt but you do not know how to go about the whole process, follow through the steps below:

For Windows Devices

Go to search button on the bottom-left corner. Search 'Anaconda Prompt' and click on the option that pop. Another way to go about it is to click on Windows button and select 'Anaconda Prompt' from the presented apps.

Fix Anaconda Prompt Window not Opening

Step 1 : On the bottom-left corner of your device, click on the Win icon. Type 'cmd' on the search bar.

Step 2 : A new window pop. A button with the details 'cmd.exe' appear.

Step 3 : Right click and click on the 'Run as Administrator' option.

Different Ways you Can Launch Anaconda Prompt on your Device

There are two ways to work with anaconda: either the Anaconda app for navigation often on the desktop, or the prompt. Often than not, the desktop app, that is Anaconda Navigator fail to launch. If this is the case, restart the app, or more preferably, use the terminal.


We went through a number of options to find a solution on how to Run Anaconda Prompt as Administrator in this article, and further, explanation on the cause of such errors. The article dives to an array of ways we can work around Command Prompt and the Anaconda Navigator App in order to ultimately run your app as administrator. The solutions discussed cover both the Windows, Linux, and macOS Operating systems.

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