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GitHub Inc. announced the intent to need users to use token-based authentication to perform certain (authenticated) Git operations in 2020. Going forward to the next year the account passwords are not any longer accepted when authenticating with the REST API, if you try to access your account through passwords you will get the error ‘Password Authentication Is Not Available For Git Operations’. To get the solution to this issue you need to use a private token to access it.

What Is This Error  #

The error is related to Git (an internet hosting for software development) where the Git Hub made its operations more and more secure. Where if you try and push on the remote server using password authentication the operation will fail with the following message, Password Authentication Is Not Available For Git Operations. Support for password authentication will be removed, and you have to use a private token to get access to the account. This happens because the entire previous setup has been changed and to get account access you have to use the token-based authentication instead.

Why You Face The Problem  #

The recent changes affect the instruction access to Git as well as any services accessing GitHub sources directly with the use of a password. On the opposite side, if you have got already enabled the two-factor authentication you are required to use a token-based authentication or SSH-based authentication and therefore you shouldn’t be seeing the error mentioned above. Otherwise, you will get the same problem if using simple password authentication. Now let’s assume that you’ve initialized a Git repository (git init), you’ve done some work and created a commit and eventually, you want to push the changes made to the remote host. The result will be shown like this and will not be processed as a successful outcome;

$ git push -U origin main
Username for '':
Password for 'https://*Emails are not allowed*':
Remote: Password authentication support removed, use personal access token.
remote: Please see for more information.
fatal: Authentication failed for ''

Given that you are attempting to perform password-based authentication, the push command will fail with the authentication fatal error shown above, as Git has changed its operations.

The Solution  #

The article will discover a thorough and quick solution that will help you configure Access Tokens on GitHub that will allow you to perform token-based authentication when executing Git operations that require you to do so. The following guidelines will go through the steps to help you configure Access Tokens on GitHub so that you can perform token-based authentication when performing Git operations requiring authentication. The scenario became changed to avoid any normal access to the account as it was easy to get the account with the help of passwords only, now it is safe for the developers where they can get access their accounts if having a private authentication token that is now valid onwards. First of all, if you want to create a personal Access Token on GitHub then follow some key points to access it successfully without having any error message.

• Click on your GitHub profile icon in the top right corner

• Click on the Settings button

• The menu will be shown on the left, click Developer Settings

• Click the Personal Access Tokens

• Click to Generate a new token

• Add a note which will help you identify the scope of the access token to be generated

• Choose the Expiration period from the sink menu (Ideally you should avoid choosing the No Expiration option)

• Select the scopes you would like to grant the corresponding access to the generated access token. Make sure to select the minimum required scopes, otherwise, you will still have trouble performing certain Git Operations.

• Finally click on the Generate Token

Up till now, you need to have generated your access token successfully and the following message should be visible on your screen. Underneath that message, you ought to be able to see your access token. Ensure to copy it as you will need it.

To change the remote URL, now you have to create a personal access token, you have to run the following command:

git remote set-URL origin HTTPS://

Replace the following with the above command:

• With the private access token you have copied in the previous step

• Together with your GitHub username

• With the name of your GitHub repository

Now you have successfully configured token-based authentication for a specific repository on GitHub. To check that everything went to plan, simply attempt to push the changes you’ve made locally to the remote host, for instance;

$ git push -u origin main

The Git operation will work correctly.

While working on Windows you must check the Credential Manager, the app will keep your username and password safe without any operating system. If you ever observe that your Github username and password are stored in the Windows Credential Manager App, suddenly delete it and then try to get back to GitHub. GitHub will ask you for the password, there you have to put private token authentication. GitHub aims to build a platform as secure as it could be. GitHub is worried about its valued clients and provides safety to get their passwords hacked. Focusing on the users with refined repository access to the GitHub platform using private access to authenticate their accounts, and removing the possibilities of insecure passwords. As a result, the Club-based Git platform will provide more secure access to the operations.

The Conclusion  #

the study covers a short briefing about the recent changes made on GitHub that now require users to perform token-based authentication as password-based authentication is no longer accepted. Additionally, some useful steps were discussed to help the developers to configure your GitHub Access Tokens that will allow you to properly authenticate Git operations. The reason that the error Password Authentication Is Not Available For Git Operations occurs and delivers the possible solutions in easily understandable ways.

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